Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting Married!

Well I'm already married.  Sorry if you had a moment of unwarranted  excitement from my title.  Yes, I happily tied the knot years ago with my one and only, but I can't get enough of wedding event design and fashion.  Sometimes I redesign my wedding in my head over and over when I am feeling particularly creative, romantic....or extremely bored (whichever comes first), but in the design and fashion world with ever changing and evolving styles, who can resist?

My latest wedding interior and style crush is a french bohemian theme....I hate the term "theme', but mmmmmm this is it. The place I would start?  BHLDN  (pronounced "be-hol-den). BHLDN is Anthropologie's wedding line store that has vintage-inspired, bohemian wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, accessories, jewelry and wedding decorations...INSPIRED DESIGN...........PURE ROMANCE. Check our their Houston grand opening video:

BHLDN + Houston from BHLDN on Vimeo.

I was introduced to BHLDN by one of Anthropologie's project marketing execs (who by the way has one of the coolest jobs EVER) and I was instantly in love.. (uh not with the exec, with BHLDN of course).  The interior store design and detail is amazing.  Now they have a store in Chicago as well as Houston, so all you Texans and Shy-Town-ites should check them out.   If me and hubby were just getting ready to jump the broom, this would definitely be the place we would skipping off to .....

What is your wedding event style inspiration??

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