Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Doodling Around...

I am still getting used to my role in the whole "blogosphere" and adding it to my every day business life, so more content to come!  But in the meantime, hope you enjoy my latest, just doodling around.....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gold In My Toolbox....

I have to admit, being able to draw what you see and design in your head is pretty cool, but it does have its challenges.   Finding new tools that help with efficiency in the course of this creative process and in business overall is like discovering a little piece of gold!

Always on the hunt for useful tools to use in my hand rendered illustrations and 3D computer model renderings, a few years ago I stumbled on a company named Form Fonts. They create simple and intricate design pieces that 3D computer renderers and designers don't always have time to tackle, especially if it is specific to certain manufacturers. They do a FABULOUS job.  Learn more about this process and check out my guest interview at Form Fonts here: What Visualization Tools Are In Your Communications Box?.  

This is a current condo project I am currently working on where I am creating a rendered model and requested one of my favorite pendant lighting pieces to be made, Moon Scrap Lights from graypants.  See the pendant lights over the table?

Below are the actual pictures sent to Form Fonts along with spec information. I luuvv these lights! They are made from scraps of corrugated cardboard!

Form Fonts developed this lighting into a model component affording me the time to continue to focus on the over all design of the project and stay on track with my timeline.  This is what they completed and sent back to me to pop right into my model.  Amazing right?

Here is another project I am working on involving a family recreation/entertainment area design in my client's  lower level.   I requested modeling components in a different presentation style:

These are a couple of the pieces I sent to be created...... saving me loads of time:

Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair. Photo:Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

This is what they sent back to me for my model (looks better than the real picture...)
Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair. Photo: Courtesy of Form Fonts

Langley Ottomans. Photo:Courtesy of School House Electric & Supply Co.

Langley Ottoman Set:  Photo: Courtesy of Form Fonts
Using Form Fonts services for my many other 3D projects has proven to be such a valuable tool for my business.   For all of you Sketchup, AutoCAD, 3DS Max and Collada users out there, check them out.  If you are a designer and just want to see more of the amazing modeling components they create for hundreds of users, check out their website at:

Make sure you STAY TUNED.  I will be posting the final renderings from this post and from my guest interview once completed, hopefully very soon!  
PS.:  Feel free to share with us the GOLD you have in YOUR DESIGN TOOLBOX!!!


Monday, July 2, 2012

"B" Day....

Well, here I am, officially putting "my blog thang" down as of right now.  Correct, you guessed it, this post has nothing to do with Beyonce or anybody else's "B" day for that matter, but the birth of my first blog post today.  You can read more about me in my profile of course, but I am an interior designer and illustrator who is absolutely passionate about the world of design and design illustration.

I have a lot of past and recent works I will be posting soon.  Below is one of my latest renderings I completed as a thank you note after meeting with one of my absolute "blogger faves", Naomi Stein at Design Manifest.  She took time out of her busy schedule to get together and chit chat about the world of blogging.  She loved it, posted it and gave me a gracious "shout out" on her blog:, which was so amazing to me..

No matter if I am illustrating one of my own design projects or working for someone who just commissions a drawing,  I loooove this creative process.   I was self taught early on, moved on to some formal instruction in  school, but gained so much more as I continued teaching myself new things and adding guidance from some phenomenal designers and artists along the way.  Keep watching, I plan on interviewing some of these very cool "peeps" soon so you can see the great work they do! 

The drawings you see here were done in marker. The one above, on my banner, I did right after Naomi posted my rendering.  I was inspired by the appreciation and knew that I was feeling that "now or never" in the pit of my stomach. So I decided to jump right in.

One of my earlier renderings

I work with markers, pencil, computer renderings, watercolors, 3D models and animations, Photoshop, yadda, yadda, yadda  it's all fun, I love it all and I plan to show you all that I love in design. The elevation rendering below is a more structured vs. loose drawing for a kitchen design concept project I was working on.

Rendered elevation drawings

These are just a couple of teeny, tiny examples of work that I have done, but stay tuned, much much MUCH more to come.  My plan is to share my designs, drawings, renderings/illustrations and design inspiration from any and everywhere.  Whistles wet yet? I hope so.

Oh yeah, here is where the "magic happens"...well some of it anyway....

Hope to see more of you!  Adeus!